Disability and Assisted Decision Making

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (the “Convention”) is an international treaty that identifies the rights of persons with disabilities as well as the obligations on parties to the Convention to promote, protect and ensure those rights. Much progress has been made recently in the area of disability law in Ireland.

The UNCRPD was ratified in 2018 and the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act, which is expected to be fully enacted in early 2020, will reform the legal approach to capacity in Ireland and pave the way for independent living and increased autonomy for persons with disability in Ireland.

SMD Solicitors advises individuals and a number of local disability services in the area of assisted decision making and on the legal implications of the new act and how it will affect the day to day lives for persons in services and for people with disability in Cork.

We also offer advice in several other areas relating to Disability law including:

Employment law – e,g, unfair dismissals, discrimination and reasonable accommodation
Education – e.g. lack of appropriate resources within schools, access to education
Delayed assessments

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